Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Imagine months before spring break, your original beach plans have been completely shattered and now with no where to go on vacation, refusing to have a “stay-cation” in the city of Memphis, where do you go? Las Vegas with your Mom.

Yes, that’s right. I went to Las Vegas with my mom, while I’m still under the age of 21. I didn’t fully expect to have the most wild time considering the circumstances. But I must say this was a trip that brought us one step closer.

There are countless amount of activities to do in Las Vegas but we mainly stuck to the touristy fun. Bellagio Fountains, Red Rock Canyon, Shopping the Miracle Mile (which by the way isn’t too miraculous), Stratosphere, and my personal favorite; shopping in Fashion Show Mall.

Our trip didn’t include vast amount of liquor or gambling

until 4am.

But the time that I shared with my mom there in Sin City will be a trip that I will cherish forever.

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