Spring Time of Youth Festival: Kevin Gates and Diplo

Spring Time of Youth Festival: Kevin Gates and Diplo

This weekend was a good weekend up in Fayetteville because it was the Spring Time of Youth Music Festival. The university just started doing this thing last year where they use some of the money from our tuition and they put together a “free” concert for all the students. Last year they had Wiz Khalifa and this year they had Kevin Gates and Diplo so I would say they are pretty good at picking artists.

Denton, Anna’s boyfriend who is Blake’s age came up this weekend for the concert and it’s his very first concert! We were in awe…But it’s always a good time when Denton comes up because he’s just like a little brother who hangs around with us. Although, since Denton will be coming up in the fall he plans on rushing so he had a few “rushee” things to do while he was here and we got to go and meet a bunch of new people which was really fun 😉

Saturday night was the concert and we had some friends over to our apartment which is always fun but then again always a mess to clean up in the morning lol. We were all really scared that it was going to rain for the concert but the weather switched up on us and it ended up feeling perfect! The sun was out and it wasn’t too hot which is perfect because we were standing in big crowds for a long time.

So when the concert started, Kevin Gates came on and the crowd was super hype about his performance. My friends and I didn’t really think his performance was really up to par because he would literally only sing 45 seconds of his song and then the usual horn sound that can be heard in a fair amount of rap music would come on. Plus since everyone was so hype everyone was squished together and I was a little bit close for comfort with a few strangers.

When Kevin Gates ended we thought that Diplo was going to take his sweet time coming out to perform so we left the crowd to get some air and literally as soon as we got out of the crowd Diplo came on….and I must say, he permanently crystalized our minds with his music. Considering most of my current readers are self-respecting family members you probably never listen to EDM music but all I can say that it’s wild and I will definitely attach a video at the bottom so that you can see how great his performance was. It was honestly better that we were further away because we could really have fun and enjoy the concert.

Look for highlights of this night in my Sophomore Year iMovie coming very soon!

Photo/Video Credit: Anna Turner

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  • My 42 year old self is feeling quite current with the cool kids today! Diplo comes up on my workout mix!! I actually knew who you were talking about! Enjoying reading about your adventures!! Amy

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