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Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to Thailand. When you live in the States you think of Thailand and you don’t imagine any place more beautiful! When my parents decided that we would be taking a week in Koh Samui, Thailand I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to feel the sun on my skin and the beautiful clear beaches! Because flights from Hong Kong to Thailand are so cheap my dad was able to get a really good price, especially since he planned ahead (for once!) I had never heard of Koh Samui but all of our family friends were saying how beautiful it was. When we told them that we were going for 5 days they were a bit confused. I was surprised at first because how could you stay in Thailand less than 5 days?? I soon understood that because Hong Kong is surrounded by so many beautiful areas, Thailand is just a weekend trip. I was astounded but then I soon found out why….

  1. Step one, make sure to check the rainy season before you book your tickets to a tropical and exotic destination. The weather forecast the entire week was rain and thunderstorms! It turns out the the rest of Thailand is in the dry season but the only part of Thailand that has a rainy season in the month of December is the island of Koh Samui.
  2. Book a resort or house that you feel comfortable or clean in because you never know how much time you will be spending in there.We stayed at the Ozo Resort and it was very nice and open. Not only was I confined to my room because of the rain, I was paralyzed from an extreme crick in my neck from sleeping with the air conditioning too low. Which leads to…
  3. Make sure to not keep the air conditioning too cold! When mixed with the warmth of the outside air it causes your muscles to contract and get stiff and you could possibly get a crick in your neck and end up being doped up on Thai muscle relaxers and looking sideways in every photo.
  4. Don’t drink or brush your teeth with the water! Thankfully we already knew this one but there is nothing worse than being sick on your vacation but I will say, it does get quite exhausting having to always worry about whether or not the fruit was washed in clean water or if the water in the glass is from a bottle… yes, I know these are my first world problems but my brother Blake ended up getting sick and having to sit at the hotel on the one day the sun decided to come out.
  5. When the sun FINALLY decided to come out, I must say it was gorgeous. We did the Ang Thong National Marine Park which had beautiful views and scenery. Of course there was a little rain storm but it’s the tropics so it’s expected!
  6. Since there was not as much to do we certainly ate to fill our time! The food was absolutely delicious. I have always been a huge lover of Thai food but having it authentic was amazing. Some of my favorite dishes from this trip were the Pad Thai (obviously), anyone who follows my social media knows that I loved the spring rolls, and the Penang Curry… read my other two Thailand posts to find out what else I found!

Unfortunately we were not able to do as many activities as we had hoped but when the sun was out it was beautiful and I highly recommend Koh Samui when looking for a destination in Thailand!

How to: Hong Kong

How to: Hong Kong

Last April my parents made the decision to move to Hong Kong which inspired me to write my first ever blog post. One full year and two Hong Kong trips later I am officially sharing my tips on How to Hong Kong!

1. Get an Octopus card. Unlike the States, public transportation is one of the most efficient ways to get around. The Octopus card can be used for the bus system, ferry, MTR (metro, subway), and most convenient stores. How do you posses one of these cards, you ask? The most convenient way to get one would be at the Hong Kong International airport as soon as you fly in. You may be tired and overwhelmed but save yourself some trouble and stand in the line to purchase the card, you’ll save yourself an extra trip once you’re ready to go exploring and you’ll soon find out that the lines tend to move pretty fast. If you decide to not get the Octopus card at the airport it’s no big deal, just type into Maps to find the closest station and you can buy and load one up there.

2. Make sure your Octopus card is loaded. You can fill your cards at any local convenient store such as Seven Eleven or Circle K, places that would usually be gas stations. I cannot stress enough that in order to load your Octopus Card you must have a minimum of $50HKD in CASH! They will not fill your Octopus with Visa, Apple Pay, Debit, etc. it must be cash so always have an emergency $50 in your wallet just in case your total gets away from you.

3. Understand that you are now experiencing an incredible part of the world. You’ll hear Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Russian, accents such as South African, Australian, and British. Hong Kong is by far the most diverse place that I have ever traveled to. As amazing as it can be to hear all of these new and interesting ways of communicating, it can be overwhelming to try and maneuver your way around a strange new city, which is why it’s so important to have the right tools to get around stress-free! There are two apps that my family and I find very helpful and they’re called Hong Kong Taxi and Mooveit. Hong Kong Taxi is perfect for when you are taking a taxi somewhere in the city. The drivers tend to speak little to no English and so this app is perfect for communicating with your driver on where you need to go! How it works is you search your location in their database and when it shows up it automatically shows you the address and the option to view the location in Cantonese so all you have to do is show the driver your phone! It’s incredibly simple…the only catch is that you may need wifi if you don’t have an international plan but luckily for you there is wifi almost everywhere!


The Mooveit app is great for navigating how to reach a destination by taking public transportation. I know that there are a lot of apps that do this but what’s great about this app is that it can tell you all the specifics and will even notify you of a direction change when you don’t have any wifi.



Now that you know how to get around it’s time to go see all that Hong Kong has to offer!

Where to go:

Peak Tram to Victoria’s Peak

Star Ferry

Junk Boat

Victoria Harbor

Observation Ferris Wheel

Lan Kwai Fong

360 Cable Cars to The Big Buddha

High Tea at The Intercontinental

Escalators in SoHo

Nan Lian Garden

Hikes: Tiger’s Head in Discovery Bay, Mui Wo, Peng Chau, Llama Island

Wan Chai

Kennedy Town

Our Favorite Places to Eat:

Miss Ho’s -Kennedy Town

Little Bao -SoHo Central

Le Souk- SoHo Central

Din Tau Fong- Tsim Sha Tsui